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Microdermabrasion -$100                                                                                           
This is a quick non-invasive procedure used to resurface the skin and promote growth of new skin cells in the basil layer of the dermis. The machine we use is the Clear FX Diamond system. This was voted the #1 microdermabrasion system 6 years in a row and was also seen on The Doctors show. It is a medical grade, crystal free system with a specifically designed wand that uses a diamond tip to remove unwanted dead cells from your skin while stimulating cellular regeneration painlessly and effectively in a controlled manner. Benefits of microdermabrasion include: reduces fine lines & wrinkles, treats aging & sun damaged skin, as well as acne, acne scars & age spots, diminishes hyper-pigmentation, rejuvenates healthy skin, smooths & refines bumpy skin, all with immediate results. For optimal results a series of treatmets is recommended.
Corrective Peels -$95                                                                              
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A corrective peel is a technique which involves the application of a variety of chemical solutions to remove the damaged outer layers of of dead skin cells from the skins surface and stimulating the regenerative process. By doing so you will notice marked improvements in the formation of fine lines & wrinkle, texture & tone of skin, hydration, hyperpigmentation, and an overall healthier skin appearance. As a PCA skin certified professional we use top of the line PCA skin products that are not only highly effective but are also safe. Our peels include alpha hydroxy Acid(AHA), beta hydroxy acids (BHA), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and retinoids to safely improve the texture of your skin. A series of treatments is reccomended. Look years younger in just a few months!
Pura Vida Signature Facial -$65
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This 60 Minute indulgent customized facial will hydrate and regenerate dull & tired looking skin. Through deep cleansing and exfoliation we will remove lifeless dead skin to to reveal the fresh, younger looking skin beneath. We will then treat your face with a customized treatment mask and serum. The end result will be regenerated cells and a brighter, firmer and hydrated complexion.
30 Minute Express Facial -$40
In just 30 minutes this amazing express facial will leave your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and revitalized. Great for a night out!
Pura Vida Fountain of Youth -$65
This treatment uses a combination of peptides, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes to help reduce fine lines & wrinkles, firm, tone, & improve the elasticity of the skin.
Pura Vida Acne Facial -$65
This intensive yet relaxing treatment will attack acne at it's source. A combination of acne fighting products are used to combat existing problems and stop new ones before they start.
Pura Homme Facial -$65   
Men's skin has specific needs due to everyday shaving and strenuous activity. We will address the needs of a man's skin in this relaxing and invigorating men's only facial.
Back To Basics(back facial) -$55                                                            
Before you bare your back in front of anyone, make sure that it is in pristine condition with this amazingly luxurious back facial. Includes deep exfoliation, steam, cleansing, massage and mask.
Pura Vida Body Wrap -$90
This 75 minute treatment starts with a relaxing body scrub that exfoliates dry, dead skin cells. Next you will be covered with a body mask and wrapped to allow product to deeply penetrate. A purifying essential oil is then added to to your body cream and used to moisturize your skin. This treatment will leave your skin feeling polished, re-mineralized and rejuvenated.
Skin Scrubber -$35                                                                                    
Uses ultrasound technology to gently exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells and impurities. Ultrasound waves help loosen and remove oil, dirt, and cellular debris from pores to achieve a noticeable radiant healthy glow. Includes cleanse, tone and moisturizer
•Brows $14 •Lips $10 •Chin $14 •Full Leg $65 •Half-leg $45 •Underarm $15 •Bikini $35 & up
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